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Nutrition expectations you need to unlearn to be successful

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1.There is no good or bad food – there is better food from a nutritional aspect but your dichotomous thinking around food is setting you up for a fail. Instead why not implement your favorite foods and “fun stuff” into your diet which will make it more sustainable and as a result you will more than likely stick to it and reach your goals

2. No food group in isolation will cause you to store fat – Carbs & fats do not make you fat. Too many calories cause people to gain weight.

3. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight – Just ask yourself this. How many times have you restricted food to lose weight? How long did it last for? and was it enjoyable? – I highly doubt it.

4. Cheat days are not a real thing – if you need to cheat on your diet, your’re not doing it right. As above, implement your favorite foods and fun stuff into your daily diet and you wont need to cheat.

5. Everyone’s Calories are different – DO NOT copy anyone else’s calories

6. You don’t have to count calories but calories matter and will ultimately represent your body weight

7. Consistentcy is key, not perfection – no body can be perfect with their diet, you are going to have good & bad days but your all or nothing mentality is causing you to give up at the drop of a hat & end back in the same cycle you were in 6 months ago. Acknowledge that not every day will be perfect and move on.

8. You shouldn’t be in a deficit all year round – if you are and you haven’t made progress towards or even reached your goals, i’m sorry to tell you this, but you are not in a deficit. Take a break from dieting and give yourself room to move within a few kg’s or to maintain at an approx weight, to allow for flexibility, holidays, social occasions etc and just to keep that metabolism happy and at less of a risk of reaching metabolic adaptation

9. Starvation mode is not a real thing – If you starved yourself, you would die, end of story. Want some evidence of this just google the Minnesota starvation experiment.


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