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No food in isolation causes weight gain

No food in isolation causes weight gain

Reminder: no food or food group in isolation causes weight gain.

Not carbs,
Not fats,
Not protein

Yes you can eat too much of one or more to put you into that weight gaining phase and normally it will be from carbs and/ or fats because let’s be honest they are delish, easily accessible & it’s very easy to eat more than necessary cause the pallet does be big a fan & Jaysus if I could get most people to eat enough protein I’d be delira 🤣

But that doesn’t mean you need to cut them out of your diet altogether to lose weight – where’s the fun in that.

Unfortunately after years of scare mongering media of carbs being the devil and fats make you fat, this is still engrained in people’s heads.

May you need to reduce them to reduce fat – yes, but do you need to scrap them altogether…… Absolutely not!


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