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How do you expect to get results if you keep trying to be perfect

Striving for constant perfection is leading your to constant negative thoughts and behaviours such as:

Talking to yourself negatively
Avoiding challenges & accepting defeat
Avoiding getting back on track
All or nothing rigid thinking
Toxic self comparison.

You start to emphasise your mistakes,
Highlighting your lack of self esteem & procrastinate & this can lead to overeating and body dissatisfaction.

Your perfect rules are actually overly restrictive and prohibitive, resulting in greater preoccupation with food and increased signs of disordered eating and you are creating more problems than solutions instead of finding solutions to the problems.

You quit
You are self critical
You have an all or nothing approach
You fear failure

Instead learn to be an adaptive perfectionist – learn from your mistakes, develop your habits & behaviours & as a result overtime – progress.

Approach your eating & exercise behaviour with optimism, pleasure and the want to improve.

Have an achievement mindset not a failure mindset.

Strive for perfection but don’t demand it as you won’t be able to accept imperfection if you do. 

if you need more help getting rid of your perfectionist tendencies and the all or nothing approach, feel free to shoot me an email –


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