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Are you Plateauing in your training

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Its not just calories in calories out. For most yes, this is definitely the issue when as a society, people constantly under report on the calorie intake but lets just say you have that all in check but you feel like you are not progressing with your training. What happens then. Well there is a few things that you need to take a look starting with the below.

  • Are you using progressive overload correctly?
  • Are you eating enough calories?
  • Are you eating enough protein for you?
  • Are you underestimating or overestimating weight that you are able for?
  • Are you training min 2 times a week?
  • are you getting 7-8 hrs of sleep a night?

If its a no to any of the above, the simple solution is to fix this issue and run another training block.

If you have all this in check then its time to look at your recovery from your sessions and note the following:

  • Do you feel like your muscle are achy and in pain for longer than normal?
  • Is it taking you longer to recover between sets?
  • is your sleep quality worse than normal?
  • are you actually decreasing the load & or reps in training?
  • is life a little more stressful than normal right now?

If all of these are in check, then maybe its time to increase the volume of your training

If yes to any of these, then maybe you need to take a rest or deload week. If your performance improves after this, great but if not and you feel you fatigue easily or stall again, then you may need to look at your programming and plan it differently or decrease overall volume to manage fatigue. Believe it or not, too much is not always a good thing and this might be your bodies way of telling you that.


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