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Hi I’m Claire, owner of CB Fitness

I am a qualified personal trainer and have taught many fitness classes as an instructor in Gogym Limerick and also as a full time PT on the gym floor and online for a number of years.

I have a passion for fitness and nutrition and not only want to help people feel good about themselves no matter what shape or size, but also want people to learn how fitness and nutrition can impact their quality of life and health for the rest of their life. This is combined with a goal of helping people improve their relationship with food and providing them with the tools they need to sustain their health and weight goals throughout their lifetime.

My aim with my CB Fitness Online Membership is to bring you workouts from your sitting room that are fun, efficient and that get results to help you gain and maintain muscle, increase your cardiovascular endurance and improve your overall health.

Online Membership

Members Only Online Training with many live sessions throughout the week and access to a library of recorded sessions to complete in your own time.

1-2-1 Coaching

If you work better with 1-2-1 Coaching then this is for you. Personalised Coaching with Claire to help you achieve your goals.




Your way of coaching is so encouraging and I’m sooooo happy with myself in being able to lift heavier and feel stronger. Love this.

Claire, just to wanted how much I enjoy your classes, they are the highlight of my week! I used to run 5k everyday but now do your classes on alternate days and it's really changed my fitness levels, thank you!

I can see differences in almost every aspect health and fitness wise beyond just the number on the scales!

Thanks a million for all the help over the last few months. I have really learned a lot and the importance of trusting the process and not focusing solely on the scales!

Really enjoying the classes plus you're hilarious, I'm always in stitches at you as well as feeling 'The Bryne." Absolutely love the convenience of online classes. Great variety of classes. Your pilates is amazing and great for active recovery days. Also love the 25/25 second split recently, really burns, I'm cursing at the screen but it's great. Well done Claire and best of luck with your new venture.

Love the layout of the classes . Your instruction is also great as well as creating a fun atmosphere even across zoom, makes doing the classes more enjoyable

Loving the classes, great motivation throughout and not too long in time, just perfect to make it fit into the day rather than back out of doing it, tough while you're in it but always feel great after, I do the replays which is very handy to do at a time that suits me

My energy and mood has also been lifted big time as I never feel hungry or deprived using this approach. I also notice my clothes are fitting a lot better and like using measurements and progress pics to keep up to date with my progress as well as the scales

I want to thank you so much for all your guidance over the last few months I can’t believe I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight and I enjoyed the journey I never once felt deprived of nice things or under pressure to eat things I didn’t like and I had so many celebrations in between it just shows you can still get results even with events on . I also didn’t do an ounce of cardio or sit ups in my training and I know new mammies try to kill themselves with cardio or pin point fat loss on their belly but it just shows , trust the professionals

Love your classes, they are motivating me to get my butt off the couch! With two smallies, it can be very hard to get proper exercise so the online classes are a massive positive for me. I also find the classes really fun, you crack me up most days, which really helps too! Thank you for all you do! Keep being awesome!

In terms of progress for me overall I have noticed a big change in my body, as well as loads saying it to me too. I have learned an amount in every aspect with regards to food, the importance of planning, tracking, staying on track and having fun with food too! I never once felt restricted or was depriving myself of anything I enjoyed every minute of it. In terms of training I have and will continue to build up my equipment at home and I can't wait to put all I have learned with you into practice myself now. I think I'm ready to push myself that bit further to do it alone .

Because of my work schedule, I can’t commit to the live classes. I rely on the recordings that I can take at any time which suits me best. I normally prefer to undertake a HIT class because they are short, snappy classes that target all areas. I have taken your Pilates class. I’m not very flexible so find them challenging. I haven’t given your Zumba classes a go but do intend to as I use to go to Zumba. I. So far I think you’re doing great. Love your banter and do find your classes a challenge. Have recommended you to my friends too.

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